Our Services

Our business is about game technology and customer relationships.

Rock Pocket Games can provide you with the full package

We have established artists, designers and programmers in-house. This enables us to react fast and implement client requested changes immediately. We do have full control over a project at any given time due to having all expertise and knowledge in house.

PC & Console

game development

Our dedicated team is ready to help you port an existing game to a new platform, or create a brand new game based on your IP.  We have extensive experience with both Unity and Unreal. Feel free to check out some of our projects.

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game development


Advergames, platformers, simulators, puzzles, strategy, racing, casual, and more. With the release of 30+ mobile titles, our team is ready to tackle any challenge. 

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visualization & simulation

With the help from our team you can create virtually anything.

Screenshots from the mobile AR/VR app Virtual Explorer (Uncle Milton) 

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